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Basketball is a fast-paced matchup that offers bettors an exciting way to make money. To help players who want to know how to bet on basketball start betting, the headlines talk about several important types of basketball betting.


Basketball Win Or Lose Set

Win or lose is the most common and easiest way to understand the cost of betting. This form of betting on basketball is as long as betting on which team will win. For example, this is the odds for Boston Celtic vs Utah Jazz :

Boston Celtic : 3.440
Utah Jazz : 1.364

In this case, the Utah Jazz are optimistic to beat Celtic (3.440) at home (1.364). If you bet £ 10 on the Jazz, you will get £ 13.64, which includes your £ 10 capital. The profit is 3.64 pounds. However, if Celtic wins, you lose £ 10 of your principal.

If Celtic wins, your bonus will be £ 34.40, including your principal of £ 10, and your profit will be £ 24.40.

Bet on Basketball Handicap

After you understand how to use a winning or losing hand to bet on basketball, when a team has a great advantage over their opponents, betting on handicap may become a potentially profitable tool. The basketball handicap is a handicap provided by the bookmaker to balance the situation in order to eliminate deviations in strength.

The number of the handicap (expressed as + or-, such as +7.5 points) will affect the final score, and the result will be decided based on the betting reason. This means that the result of the handicap is sometimes different from the actual result. For example, the two handicaps below:

Golden State Warriors: (+7.5) 2.050
Indiana Strollers: (-7.5) 1.862

If the Pacers win the game (100-96), they actually lose in the handicap. This is because the purpose of this bet is that they make 7.5 points, so their final score is reduced by 7.5 points. This allowed the game result to be 92.5-96 in favor of the Warrios.

If the Indiana Pacers win 104-96, the adjusted handicap result is 96.5-96, which means the Pacers still win. This is called [Handicap pass].

Bet on Total Basketball

The total score is to bet on whether the game score plus or less than the set number in the game is always greater. For example, look at the total odds of King Sacramento vs. Miami Heat below:

More than 210.5 : 1.962
210.5 or less : 2.10

If you bet £ 10, the total score of the bet will exceed 210.5 points, and the result is 116-98 (the total score is 214). You will receive a prize of 19.62 pounds. If your total bet is less than 210.5 and the odds are 2.110, you will lose this bet.

The above is the basic form of betting on basketball. For more in-depth introduction to betting on basketball, headline Jun will share it in the next issue.


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