Baccarat is a poker game that is well-known in all over the world. This game originated from Italy during the Middle Ages and have the Italian language hidden meaning of “zero”, a jack or knave normally counted as biggest in poker but it counted as 0 in baccarat. When influencing to France, this poker game was playing oftenly by aristocrats. Nowadays, baccarat is a game that loved by most of the gambler king.

Players can place bet either one of the side “Player” or “Banker” has the closest total of 9. Players can choose one side to place the bet.

How to Play

Baccarat normally will use up to 8 deck of poker cards, shuffled then placed in the dispatch box. Both parties will receive at least 2 cards but not more than 3 cards. The first and third cards are issued to the “player” and the second and fourth cards are issued to the “banker”. According to the specific rules of the chart below, you can send another card if needed. All cards face upwards.

Card Algorithm :

Jack or knave and 10 cards are counted as 0 points;

A card counts as  point, and all other cards are scored with the original face value.

The card points of each hand is equal to the single digit of the sum of the card points.

Therefore, an 8 and a 9 card size is: 7 points (8+9=17). So 10 and the jack or knave are scored by 0. Points are always from 0 to 9, unlike blackjack, baccarat cannot be dealt.

Live Baccarat

King of Heaven

The goal of each hand is the total number of two cards is closet to 9, the first two cards get 8 or 9 points, which is called “born king”. If any hand gets the “King of Heaven”, both hands can no longer ask for cards. The number of points that can beat 8 only is 9.

Play Games

Player and dealer will get two cards each, with the cards placed facing up. If only one party gets the “King of Heaven”, so the party will win the game. If both party get the “King of Heaven”, the party with bigger points will win the game.  If both party get “King of Heaven” so the game will be leveled.

If player and dealer do not get any “King of Heaven”, dealer will have a look in the player card first.

If the player gets 6 or 7 points, the card will remain. If player’s card is below 6 points, player will get another card and the points will changed according to the three cards.


0 – 5 points – get another card
6 – 7 points – remain
8 – 9 points – remain; “King of Heaven”



0 – 5 points – get another card
6 – 7 points – remain
8 – 9 points – remain; “King of Heaven”

How to consider WIN

Party with the points that is nearer to 9 will consider win.

The odds is 1:1 for either party win. However, dealer will give 5% commission to casino for every round win. Player who bet for dealer will deduct the 5% every round when they place bet.

If both party get the same points, player who place betting leveled will win and get odds of 8:1. In this moment, players who placed bet on dealer or player will not win or lose.

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