3 Card Poker

In 3 card poker, from a standard 52-card, each player sends 3 cards and then no longer plays. These 3 cards are all black cards (face down). These three cards are actually two games, bets and bets.

3 Card Poker 1

Specific Strategy

In the note, the player bets whether a pair or better card can be sent. This situation does not pay attention to any strategy, all you have to do is choose to place a bet or not. If you have a pair or better card, you will get paid according to the following form:

Straight Flush – 40:1
Three Of A Kind – 30:1
Straight – 6:1
Same Color / Same Suit – 4:1
Pair – 1:1

In the custody/bottom note, the player plays directly against the dealer (much like Caribbean Poker) and you don’t have to compete with other players on the table. After the first bet, each person (including the dealer) sends 3 cards, and after seeing his cards, he decides whether to bet or give up. If you decide to place a bet, the bet must equal your first bet.

The dealer’s players must be valid to continue the game. If the dealer’s card is larger than (including) the queen, he can continue, otherwise the dealer’s player will be void, the bet will be returned to the player, and the bet will be returned. If the dealer is active, each player will have their own card size compared to the dealer. The player who lost the game lost his own bet and bet, and the winning player won the same number of bets and bet with his own bet. If the player sends a straight fluh, triple or straight line, then you can get an extra bonus (regardless of the dealer’s card). The following is a list of bonuses:

Straight Flush – 5:1
Three Of A Kind – 4:1

Pay the same amount directly

Players can place bets for players or banker or both at the same time. Players are flexible to decide how much to place for betting.

Basic Strategy

If the card sent is lower than the Queen -6-4, then the strategy can effectively reduce the casino yield to below 2%. Mathematician Stanley Ko discovered this simple and effective 3 card poker strategy.


During 3 card poker tournament, the casino yield is about 2.3%, depending on the compensation plan. In 3 card poker, you have at least 25% chance to get a pair or better.

The casino yield for betting is about 3.4%.

Unlike standard 5 card poker, the 3 digit number is greater than the straight flush.

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